Summer Storm

By: Jconnphoto

Aug 01 2011

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Focal Length:40mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 344, August 1, 2011

As the end of this blog draws near I find myself having to look a bit harder for something post-worthy. Sometimes I’m lucky and others not so much. Today I lucked out because Mother Nature provided me with an “easy” shot.

This is the view of today’s storm from my office in downtown Springfield. In the center of the image the red brick building with the American Flag flying is the Springfield Armory and the building to the left is part of the Springfield Technical Community College.

Ever since the June 1st Tornado I don’t think any of us really looks at the sky the same way. The dark thunderclouds that used to peak our interest now have us standing at the windows gawking and making jokes to cover up our fear that yet another tornado may hit. It’s odd to feel this way. We’re pretty well insulated from weather like this in New England and as we recovered and began rebuilding from the June 1st tornado I think many of us were thankful that it was a fluke. A rare occurence that more than likely would never happen again. Well, you know what they say about saying never. On July 26th it very nearly did happen again. Thick clouds rolled in fast and furious. Tree tops were ripped off and swingsets toppled. Power lines were ripped down and streets were blocked by downed trees. Winds up to 100 mph raced through our towns. Again. Hard to believe eh?! The National Weather Service did not classify the storm as a tornado but a series of micro-bursts and straight line winds severe enough to cause pretty significant damage. Nothing like the tornado, but enough to get our hearts racing again.

So today, with severe thunderstorm warnings in effect we all watched the sky. The clouds rolled in, the thunder clapped and the rain came in sheets. Lightening pierced the sky and as we all voiced a collective “whoa” our thoughts circled back to the tornado. Wondering if it could happen again. I think it’s safe to say we are all wary of the the weather now. After record breaking snow fall this winter a short spring, record breaking heat so far this summer, a tornado followed shortly by “micro bursts and straight line wind” storms we are all ready to run for the hills.

In this image you can see the storm as it passes towards the right. Oddly, as the towns of Wilbraham and Hampden were battered with the rain downtown Springfield remained mostly dry, even sunny as the sun came from the west across the river and lit up the fronts of the buildings.


One comment on “Summer Storm”

  1. End of the blog?! But will you start up a new one or just keep going or something different entirely?

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