By: Jconnphoto

Jun 28 2011

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 314, June 28, 2011

I took a philosophy class in college and we studied Vice and Virtue and what is inherent/innate and what virtues can be learned. I didn’t like the class. I studied and studied and fretted over the class material but no matter how hard I tried I didn’t get it. Fortunately it was a class taken to fill credits and I took it as a pass/fail which meant I only needed to pass exams in order to earn the credits. Thinking back to the class I think about Responsibility. Is responsibility inherent in one’s personality? Or can it be learned?

For as long as I can remember I have been pretty responsible. I learned very early on that being responsible is not always fun and there are many times you must do something you don’t want to do in order to be responsible. I always wanted people to describe me as responsible, or better yet… capable.

And that is how I felt today. Responsible and Capable. I spent 11 hours preparing our rental property for its next tenant. On a perfect sunny June day when I could have taken my kids to the spray park I packed up the truck full of handy[wo]man gear and headed out to do what needed to be done. I painted and cleaned until my sinuses and eyes burned from the fumes. I changed light bulbs and door locks. I reversed the doors on the refrigerator so it opens in the opposite direction and had an ultimate blond moment (wait, I dyed my hair brown so what is it called now?) when in the 11th hour I could not remember the name for a tool. It was a wrench, and it came to me after the fact but I knew what it was that I needed and found it. I vacuumed and dusted and repaired. I plumbed and I piped. And I felt Capable.

I got home and had a look at the pile of keys we have for various locks. We have keys to our own house, our rentals, and a few other places that I’m sure we don’t need. But they were given to us by people who trusted us and felt we are responsible and capable. And it occured to me, I have been this way as long as I can remember. So was responsibility taught to me as a child or is it an innate virtue of my own personality?


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