Summer plantings

Photo blog day 313, June 27, 2011

“Mom! Mom!” 


“C’mhere… you gotta see this!”   Big eyes looking up at me: “But you have to PROMISE not to touch!?”



“Yes, I promise… what are you showing me??”

We run up the steps, me trying to keep up with my son’s little four year old legs who is taking the steps two at at time. I can only picture him stumbling, but his eagerness has made him more agile than usual so I hurry along.

“Stop! Don’t go closer” he whispers.

I glance down expecting to see some rare rattlesnake or wooly mamouth spider, or worse… a tick.

I look closer. “Look under the leaves!” He whispers. “But don’t TOUCH it” He yells.

Ohmygosh. Our first strawberry!!!  Yay!!.

I look over and we high five each other. I tell him I’m excited and he says “Maybe we can make some strawberry jelly!”

But that wasn’t all.

He grabs my hand and we lurch down the hill, him two feet in front of me skidding to a stop.

“Look” he hollers “It’s a TOMATO!”

“Why yes it is, we’re so lucky!!”

“Mom, I love making a garden!”

[mental laugh, yeah, a topsy turvy and 2 strawberry plants, a garden… suuuuurree]

“Me too honey, thank you for showing me those!”

“Mom…. PROMISE  you won’t touch them until I sat they’re ready”

“I promise I won’t touch them honey, I’ll let you pick them”.

Oh yes my friends, summer is in full swing here in New England. And I have proof.


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