Tornado – Demolition

By: Jconnphoto

Jun 23 2011

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Category: Creative, HDR

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 309, June 23, 2011

It ain’t over yet.

The devastation that rocked our city on June 1st is still so very prevalent.  Today I drove up a side street that was previously closed off. The street is full of 19th century Victorian style homes that at some point were turned into multi-family homes and over the years the street has seen a decline in the care of its neighborhood. I am not sure who should be blamed for this, the residents or the property owners. Nonetheless, this storm has brought out some concern in people who are still able to live in the area. Maybe even a bit of pride and nostalgia for what is now lost. There are about 10 homes on this one street that are marked with a red “X” and a notice that the home is unsafe for occupancy. When I stopped to take this picture a man about my age came over quite promptly to see what my business was in the area. Initially he took me for an insurance adjuster (I guess 9 years in the insurance business has made its claim on my face like a cop, I can be “made”), when I said that I wasn’t there on business he wondered aloud if I was the owner come to take a look without fessing up to my role and as such being able to scurry away if I didn’t like what I saw. It seems that the residents who were forced out of the house have heard nothing of the demise of their security deposit, which at a time like this could be much needed money. As the rain misted down on us, my inquistor peered into my face and asked, if I wasn’t the owner, what was I doing there? I wasn’t sure how to answer. The camera in my hand was evidence and proved me to be a “gawker”. I told the man that I was curious how the abandoned homes were being handled. He raised his hands, and gestured to the numerous piles of rubble. Without replying he turned on his heel, and with a waive of his hand disappeared back into his house, the one with a green “O” indicating it is safe for occupancy.

Processing note: I totally stole the idea to process this in HDR from my friend Kevin who made a comment about this tragedy being “surreal” in the same way HDR processing is. I completely agree and, Kev, hope you don’t mind that I used you for “inspiration” (aka I’m-a-copycat:)


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