Happy Birthday Mom

By: Jconnphoto

Jun 18 2011

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Focal Length:105mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 304, June 18, 2011

I realize that for Mother’s Day this  year I was somewhat selfish posting something about myself and not about my own mother. To be honest the reason is that I wanted to write a heartfelt post about my mother and life was (and still is) so busy it was hard to sit down to do it. But I thought since her birthday was right around the corner I would make up for it. So here it is. I’m not totally sure what to write about her since it is impossible to gather up all my thoughts about my mother and pack them tidily into a paragraph you all would be willing to read through. So instead I think I’ll post the top 10 lessons I learned from my mother. Practical or not. And by the way, coming up with 10 was extremely difficult because my mother isn’t the type to go around spewing advice. She usually spoke her thoughts and then sat back and let me make my own decisions, for better or worse. I think for the most part what I learned from her was not by what she told me, but from watching her and how she lives her life. And as my life changes and grows I continue learning from her everyday.

1. A good night of sleep can change your outlook on nearly everything.

2. Hot tea and a good talk can change that outlook before you even go to bed.

3. Hang clothes from the heaviest part and they will dry faster.

4. Baking soda can be used instead of toothpaste.

5. Don’t do something to somebody else that you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Duh.

6. When you want to buy something really badly wait three days and if you still want it then get it.

7. Budget carefully but still spend a little extra on things you love.

8. Do something right the first time and it will save you time and you will be more proud of the job you’ve done.

9. Sometimes it helps to just let things be and not try to solve or change everything.

10. Live life with compassion and empathy and never take sides or make judgement until you know the whole story.

I hope I can be as good a mother to my own children and that when they grow up they will have loving, strong, and solid memories of their childhood.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

P.S. An explanation of the picture, this is my mom waving goodbye after dinner tonight using Sign Language to say “I love you”. For as long as I can remember this is how my mother has always waved goodbye.


One comment on “Happy Birthday Mom”

  1. thanks jess, i love you, too

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