Tornado – The Aftermath

By: Jconnphoto

Jun 08 2011

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 294, June 8, 2011

The tops of trees stick out of the ground like half gnawed chew toys. Trees that were not ripped by their roots or snapped like a toothpick stand with their heads bent, as if begging this beast to please pass them by. As I get out of the car my skin prickles with energy, the smell of fresh cut wood and pine scents the air. The sound of chainsaws batters my ears. And as my eyes take it all in my heart is wrought with emotion.  I see 25 or so people bustling about moving branches to the tree belt. It’s 7 pm. Normally these people would be in their house, watching TV, on the computer, reading a book, doing homework, folding laundry. But not now, instead they are helping each other.I look toward the mountain and see the path the tornado took after it chewed Springfield up and spit it out like a gristly piece of meat. While I fretted in the stairwell at work this beast moved fast and passed only mere mile from my house, and my children. That fear is burrowed deep in my heart now and I will never take a severe weather warning for granted again.

~For those who subscribe or follow this blog I appreciate your patience while I have taken a few days to pull things together.~


One comment on “Tornado – The Aftermath”

  1. There’s something special about seeing a community pull together when they need to. Shows you what people are made of.

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