Where Lawnmowers go to die

By: Jconnphoto

May 17 2011

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Category: Creative, HDR


Focal Length:32mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 277, May 17, 2011

Ok, so many of you have probably heard of Urbex – Urban Exploration. In the photography world, or at least from what I have seen, this is typically associated with gritty, grungy, “urban” images. In many cases these images are processed with HDR [high dynamic range] software. I haven’t spent much time doing this type of processing because quite honestly I didn’t have a taste for it. Until I started following Mike Moruzi’s blog – In Search of Style [click the name to link to the blog]. He does HDR with flair and it totally inspired me today.

So I’m making up a new word – Rurex. Rural Exploration. I headed out to my grandfather-in-laws farm to check out Other Men’s Trash. You know… as in “another man’s treasure”. This is the nicest way I can put what things look like over there. Lucky for me, it’s a Rurex paradise. I’ve been there so many times it’s not worth counting. Today things looked a little different. With the bright green of spring growth and everything still wet from all the rain we’ve been getting.

I found this spot, where apparently lawnmowers go to die. Where man and nature compete for space on this earth, and nature appears to be winning. I took 3 handheld bracketed shots and merged them in an HDR program. Then I spent time fiddling with the sliders until I achieved the look I wanted. It even got a “wow, that’s cool!” from my husband who is very discerning when it comes to photography.


2 comments on “Where Lawnmowers go to die”

  1. Rurex! That’s hilarious! I laughed out loud. Very grungy HDR. Reminds me that I need to actually buy a lawnmower. Didn’t get around to it before winter moved in last November and the lawn has finally recovered from winter and started growing again. Nice work and thanks for the link!

  2. This is great all the way around. The “Rurex” note is funny. I live in the dirty south and our rural trash really rocks with the best of urban desolation. That aqua lawnmower above is awesome. Wish I had one in that color.

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