Eye on the world

Photo blog day 271, May 11, 2011

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that you can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. As a photographer I spend a lot of time looking at people’s eyes. In portraits it is crucial that the eyes be the sharpest focal point. I was editing photos of this little girl and just couldn’t get over how sweet her eyes were. On closer examination I realized you can see everything in the reflection of her eyes. You can see me, the clouds in the sky, and the field that was in back of me. Yesterday I said that posting an image of my own feet might be the weirdest thing I post. I lied, this shot of just eyes may top the feet.

Happy Wednesday!


2 comments on “Eye on the world”

  1. God is that sharp. Superb Jess

  2. Amazing shot. It’s really breathtaking how the whole world reflects in her eyes.

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