Wedding Ring

Photo blog day 263, May 3, 2011

Sometimes things present themselves to you and just make you stop and think. I’m not a deeply spiritual person but sometimes I feel like there’s something going on. A few weeks ago I lost my wedding band while putting on some hand lotion. I walked, crawled, and stooped looking everywhere to find it. Nothing. Zilch. I wasn’t panicked because I can replace a ring. What bothered me was the money it would take to replace it. I asked a coworker for help and she asked if I had said a prayer to St. Anthony. Together we crossed ourselves and I silently pleaded to find my ring. Wouldn’t you know we opened our eyes and looked around the corner and the darn thing sat, sparkling in the light as though a spotlight was on it.

I decided to use my macro lens that I rented to take an image of our rings because as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have these types of detail shots in my own wedding album. I chose a calla lily to present the rings because I had these flowers in my own bouquet.


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