By: Jconnphoto

Mar 29 2011

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Photo blog day 228, March 29, 2011

Ok, ok. I know this image defies every possible rule of photography. The sun is nearly dead center in the photograph.  There isn’t much of a story here. But today was a simple day. Yet busy. Today was spring cleaning day. Windows, floors, behind the toaster oven, underneath that center thing in the microwave that spins your food around, even the dish strainer got a good bleaching. I can’t put it off any longer waiting for warm weather. Usually I bust open all the windows and let that fresh air in. The crisp air, along with the clean house is usually the day where I feel like singing from the rooftops. Well, ok, that’s a bit dramatic. Truthfully I hate cleaning. Like, I dread it with the same disdain I have when I need to get a filling at the dentist. It’s something you know you have to do but just do everything you can to put it off. And lucky for me, I have a husband who does a large amount of the daily chores. My excuse thus far was the lack of window-busting-open weather. But the house needed it. So the laundry went in. The bucket and mop came out and the house got a good refreshing exfoliation. Like Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub from The Body Shop kind of exfoliating. Fortunately the weather was just barely warm enough to finally pull out the clothesline. Now hanging laundry on the line, a chore I don’t mind.  We do it old school round these here parts. And the smell of laundry dried on a clothesline, in the sunshine, is pure heaven. And it reminds me of my Grandmother. And it’s free. Ok, nuff said.



2 comments on “Laundry”

  1. Laundry on the line brings a story up in my mind at least. I think of the great smell it has and everything. I think it is a good photo.

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