You know you’re a Mama when

By: Jconnphoto

Mar 28 2011

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Photo blog day 227, March 28, 2011

So today’s post is inspired by this red car that has taken up residence on my computer at work. I should bring it home but I love having it there, a constant reminder of what life is like now. I decided to just write a quick post of the thoughts zipping through my head about motherhood. So without further ado, my top 10

You know you’re a mama when:
10. You reach into your handbag for a pack of gum and instead pull out a race car

9.  You sway side to side and hum nursery songs while you’re waiting in lines, even when you don’t have your kids with you. And look the stranger who catches you right in the eye and say “what?”.

8. You establish a household minimum of the number of times an item of clothing must worn before it is allowed in the hamper (socks, undies, and undershirts excluded of course).

7. You leave the house for more than an hour and you pack a snack, a drink and a change of clothes. For yourself.

6. You say bum instead of butt. Or any other “nicey nice” replacement word to describe any part of one’s anatomy.

5. You spell an entire conversation because you don’t want your 4 year old to know what you’re talking about. And then catch yourself doing it when there aren’t any kids around.

4. You find yourself saying “My mom was right” or “My mom did it such and such way” ALL the time.

3. You don’t realize until you are already pulling into your parking spot at work that the children’s song CD is still playing in your car CD player 25 minutes after you dropped your kids off at pre-school, and you were singing the entire time.

2. You make up harmless little lies about why so-and-so can’t do whatever it is they’re asking about. Example: Mommy, can we go to McDonald’s? Me: No, honey, McDonald’s is a treat. Him: But I want a treat. Me: Well sorry honey, the car is out of gas.

1. And Number One….. You know you’re a mama when have to sneak into the bathroom to do your business without one or both of your kids supervising and asking you 100 questions in the 30 second time span in which it takes to pee.  Yes, I said pee, and yes, that’s potty talk but we’re in the bathroom right?


Oh yes, I went there. Here’s to Motherhood!


2 comments on “You know you’re a Mama when”

  1. Cute and very true post.

  2. your work computer looks wayyyy too clean…mine obviously needs a good dusting. I have to watch out while using the bathroom as there might be some little hands in the toilet at the same time…kidding…well, maybe.

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