Late Winter

By: Jconnphoto

Mar 07 2011

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Focal Length:28mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Photo blog day 206, March 7, 2011

Having grown up in New England I have learned a few things about winter. 1. No matter how hard I wish I can’t make it any shorter. 2. No matter how close it seems spring is you should never put away your snow shovel until the 2nd week of April at the earliest! We have had many a winter where we thought it was over and then BANG another snow storm. We had one on April 1st when I was  13 or 14 and I’ll never forget it. 3. The weather can do weird things this time of  year. This morning we woke to dreary rain and cold wind. Later in the morning it turned to snow and by 1 pm it was nearly 40 degrees and SUNNY with light fluffy clouds in the sky. Bizarre.


So I’m holding off on the pedicure and flip flops for now but I am very much encouraged image. Normally a narrow trickle of water, not even enough to be considered a stream, swollen with melted snow  makes its way over my stone wall and plunges out into the road as if the Lion of Spring is truly chasing it away.


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