Laughing Brook

By: Jconnphoto

Feb 11 2011

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Category: Nature


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 181, February 10, 2011

There is an Audubon Society wildlife sanctuary right in my back yard, well, almost, it’s across the street and down the mountain, but still. Sadly, I have only been there once since I moved to Hampden but much of my childhood was spent in its education center learning about wildlife and nature. It is called Laughingbrook (click the name for more info) and was once the home of famed children’s author, Thornton Burgess. The demise of this wonderful place is long winded and too much for me to get into here. After many years of struggling to keep up popularity the Audubon Society continued to cut funding. In a horrific final breath the Education Center, lovingly built in honor of Mr. Burgess, was burned to the ground by a young man from the area who, by some accounts, wanted to light a small fire and play hero putting it out. The fire didn’t get put out fast enough and the then vacant education center was demolished. Now the land is nearly completely back to nature, with 4 + miles of hiking trails, plenty of wildlife, and visitors who truly care about the land, it is a beautiful place to behold. Today on my ride home I passed the entrance of the property and as the sun grazed the trees I caught a glimpse the Laughinbrook (entitled this by Mr. Burgess as he always felt the brook was laughing, the real name is East Brook). It was so pretty cutting through the wetlands, leading back into the woods, and for some reason, implying that perhaps spring is on its way.


3 comments on “Laughing Brook”

  1. I remember hiking there when i was young. A very long time ago. Beautiful pic jess.

  2. Lovely picture, interesting story.

  3. Love this post…my grandmother used to take me there during the summers and you just brought back memories for me. : )

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