Calvin and Karma

By: Jconnphoto

Feb 04 2011

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D


Photo blog day 174, February 4, 2011

“Excuse me, miss? Could you please spare some change?”


How many times have we all heard these words? If you spend any time in a city you’ll hear them more than you care to. It’s sad really because my reaction is embarrassing. I always lie. I say no, I don’t have any change. Or pretend to not hear them. I’m horrible. My mother didn’t raise me to lie. But I’m not alone. So many people do this. Any why? Is it because we don’t believe in giving? Or is it because we have a preconceived notion that the money given to these particular individuals will not be used for anything good. Is it possible that some of these people might truly need the money and my ambivalence is hurtful? Yesterday I was out on a spur of the moment shopping trip. I only had a spare hour but I thought I would use it to see if I could get some end of season deals. At the first store I went into I was browsing the racks when a kid about 25 or so stopped me and asked for change. He didn’t look like someone I would normally see on the street. He was clean, his haircut, and his face shaved. His hands looked like those of a mechanic and he looked embarrassed. He didn’t ask for much, “I only need, like, three cents. [pause] Please”. I responded in my typical fashion and watched him leave the store, hunched shoulders, hands jammed deep in his pockets. I felt horrible. Stingy and righteous. What had I done? I had judged someone. Something I am trying to raise my kids not to do. I felt so bad I completed my purchase and went out the door. When I left the store I looked around to see if he was still there. He was about three stores up the strip mall and I called out “Hey! Hey! Come here!”  He turned and I waved him over. I handed him whatever change I had in my wallet. I looked him in the eye and apologized. “Here, this is what I have, I don’t know what you need it for but I hope it helps.” “Thank you” Was all he said. No story, no line. That’s it.

I sent a friend a message about what had just happened and told her that I hoped whatever he was doing that it was good and that the universe would recognize my good intentions. With a clean conscience I went into the next store to look for a pair of jeans. Any woman reading this post know, you know, this could be bad. Very bad. Jeans shopping is an event. Usually an entire day event. Finding the right look, the right fit, and the right price is a nearly intangible goal. I walked into Tjmaxx and went to the first rack of jeans. This store is hit or miss. There isn’t endless supply of the same item in different sizes. I picked up the first pair in my size and went to try them on. They fit. Perfectly. It was so unbelievable I could only attribute this success to the good deed I had just done.

None of us really has any idea why things really happen. They just do. Some believe more firmly than others that there is a greater power controlling everything. Some don’t believe that at all. I am somewhere in the middle. I truly believe in the theory of “what comes around goes around” and that positivity begets the same. It may be a silly story but me, Calvin, and Karma are in harmony today.


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