By: Jconnphoto

Jan 21 2011

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Category: Black & White, Creative


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 160, January 20, 2011

Ok folks, the PC is still down so we’re rockin’ it Mac style the next few days.  Me and my iPhoto are going to show you how it’s done, RAW and unedited (well, mostly just a little dodge and burn here and there but who’s counting?).  We are expecting more snow tonight into tomorrow, BIG surprise right?  So, even though I may be tired of the snow there are those of you who don’t get to share in the Joy that is winter in New England so I will do my best to get out and get some pretty shots of that fluffy stuff for you.  In the meantime I am retrying an old project that I did early on in the blog.  I bought some more incense, the stick kind, and a tray to burn it in so I would have a little more time to get some cool shots than the last time.  I set up a small table and taped a black sheet to the wall.  I held my 580EX hot shoe flash off camera to the left of the smoke and shot away.  What I LOVELOVELOVE about this project is you can never predict what the images will look like.  Someone could stand right next to me and get a completely different shot.  This shot really stuck out for me because the immediate impression I got from it was Jazz Club.  The swirling smoke and the darkness remind me of it but then the way the smoke curled around the middle I thought it looked just like a Saxophone player.  I imagined the swirls coming out of the “sax” as musical notes drifting their way towards me and I could nearly picture myself in New Orleans.  What do you see?  No, this isn’t some psychological ink blot test, I just want to know what your impression is.


2 comments on “Saxophone”

  1. Cool picture. I faintly see a shell form. -Kim

  2. i thought it was cool, funky looking cigarette smoke…if there is such a thing. happy birthday by the way!!

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