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Jan 12 2011

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D


Photo blog day 152, January 12, 2011

“There must be at least 14″ already out there!”  These were the words uttered by my husband at 6:30 this morning.  I peeked out from under the warm covers and grunted something I can’t repeat here.  When I cracked my eyes open again long enough to dial my work phone a message from the administrator announced that our office had a delayed opening today.  I was so surprised I leaped out of bed to check if my husbands words were true.  They were.  Overnight we were snowed in like everyone else in the northeast has already experienced this season. Stumbling back into bed I grunted something else pertaining to child care or coffee, I can’t remember which.  A few seconds later (ok, it could have been a few minutes but it only felt like seconds) both kids announced their wakefulness in their own way.  My son busted into the bedroom slamming the door against the closet door and my daughter started her normal morning wail.  Yes. Her wail. Are you starting to see why I need coffee STAT in the morning?

We all made our way into the kitchen and stood mesmerized by the white out conditions.  My son kept asking why there was so much snow and if Santa was coming again. As I sipped my coffee I began to realize that it was a Snow Day.  The kind of day we wished for as kids so that the homework we didn’t do wouldn’t be late.  Or so we could stay home without a sitter because mom and day couldn’t take an unplanned day off from work.  I was swamped with memories of spending hours at a time outside building snow forts and having snowball fights.  Then coming inside with our cheeks, hands, and feet freezing but our bodies so hot from bing bundled in snowsuits while running around like crazy.  I pictured my son doing these things and started to talk about all the things we could do today.  I remembered my snow shoes that I haven’t worn in years and got them from the garage. He wasn’t impressed.  Seriously.  He looked at me like I was crazy.

Well, as the day wore on and my excitement over the day dwindled I could not come up with anything convincing enough to get my son to want to go outside.  So we didn’t.  My snow shoes sat, unworn and still dusty, on the table all day.  Every 20 minutes or so I would eyeball them and try to get the motivation to get outside but I just couldn’t.  But that’s ok.  With this much snow I’ll have plenty of time to use them.


One comment on “Snowshoes”

  1. Great photo and story! I wish we could get 14″ of snow! Heck, if we get 4″ here it practically shuts down the city! The contrast of how people cope with and tolerate winter weather is entertaining to me! I don’t think we have had 14″ of snow since I was a kid!

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