Door Knocker

By: Jconnphoto

Jan 03 2011

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Category: Animals, Architecture, Urban

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D


Photo blog day 143, January 3, 2011

Sometimes when I am walking around I pretend I am on a scavenger hunt.  This may sound a little strange but I’ve done this as long as I can remember but never told anyone that I do it.  I attribute my ability to notice things to this.  When I was a kid I was not good at scavenger hunts.  I was always in a rush to find whatever item was on the list I never really paid attention to what I was looking for.  I didn’t notice the details.  I would arrive back at a meeting location with a half completed list carrying a giant backpack of disappointment.   I would slide my eyes over my friend’s list with huge check marks next to all the items they found and wonder how I could miss so much.  So I started playing mental scavenger hunts of my own.  For example, one item could be to find the Kermit doll “hanging around” in the Holyoke Children’s Museum.  I made this one up last week when I was there, laying on the floor (yes, you read that right) playing with my daughter in the Tot Lot.  I looked up and saw a Kermit doll sitting on an “I” beam high above me.  I made my mental check mark and tried to think of another item.  I played my game again today at the Quadrangle.  Mental Scavenger Item:  Find the Lion who opens the door.  Here he is.  Check, next item.  This lion is the door knocker on the George Walter Vincent Smith art museum.  The building is breathtaking and one might easily miss a little detail like a door knocker when it is hidden amidst other breathtaking iron work.


In case you were wondering about the camera settings this was a grab shot, I literally grabbed my camera out of the bag, snapped one shot and headed off.  These settings were probably still set from yesterdays post taking indoors, in a dark kitchen at night.  So much for attention to detail!


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