Box of Chocolates

By: Jconnphoto

Dec 20 2010

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Category: Food, Holiday

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 129, December 20, 2010

In my office we have a table in the kitchen that is referred to as the community table.   It is know that anything left on this table is free for the taking.  Cakes, chocolates, the occasional black-spotted banana, and yes, even a large bucket of golf balls have all been left on the community table.  You name it, it’s been there.  During the holidays we all pass the community table with a casual glance to see what treat will show up on any particular day.   We were not disappointed today.  I heard the quiet murmurs over the tops of the cubes alerting me that a new arrival was on the community table.

Today the “Box of Chocolates” arrived.  The same Box that arrives every year and is always met with the same adoration.  It is the Box that contains such a variety of chocolates even the most discerning chocoholics are excited about.  The Box was delivered sometime after lunch and laid out on the community table.  I passed the Box letting my eyes drift over the smooth confections.  I continued on to get a cup of tea and attempt to hide the look of longing.  You see, shortly before lunch I promised myself I would be “good” given that I had already eaten two homemade cookies a coworkers mother had baked.  and for the last two nights in a row I have enjoyed a hot fudge and Peppermint Stick ice cream sundae at home.  Today I swore I could make it until the weekend.  As I addressed this internally I confessed that there was no way I could not hold out.  I reached for one of the chocolates and before I could lay my fingers on one I realized this was my blog picture.  The barely touched Box of Chocolates.  I ran back to my desk and grabbed my camera.  I got my shot then got my chocolate fix.


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  1. Chocolate.. Nice. Cool post

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