By: Jconnphoto

Dec 15 2010

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Focal Length:53mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 124, December 15, 2010

I had a very frustrating day today.  The kind of day you just want to leave at the door when you come home.  It started at work when I came in to a pile of notes from my manager.  Not usually an issue but it just got to me today (if you’re reading this LMN don’t be offended, it’s not you, it’s me:).  Then I stepped out to TJMax at lunchtime to finish up some shopping and I lost my car keys!!!!!  I searched everywhere I had been and a store manager finally helped me and found them hiding in a pile of shirts.  I never met this woman before but I gave her a hug anyways.  As I headed home at quitting time I ran into traffic in two spots that nearly made me late to pick up my son from day care.  I arrived home to find out that the Christmas cards I ordered on 12/3/10 STILL had not arrived.  Just frustrating overall.  So I’m brushing it off and letting it go.  I have to take stock and be thankful that this is the worst things usually get, frustrating.  My life is fairly drama free and I feel lucky that my complaints are so mediocre.  I did take a photo today but I felt like posting one that makes me feel good.  This photo is a memory of a perfect September day when it is still hot enough to run through the sprinkler and eat juicy watermelon.  My son, 2 at the time, wanted the WHOLE watermelon and didn’t want it in the small cubes I usually cut it in.  We compromised for a large slice and he ate it on the deck in the cool shade of the laundry drying on the line.  I watched him eat the watermelon and get joyfully sticky, as the sun glinted on his hair I took a mental photo.  Then ran inside to grab my camera for a tangible photo.  I love having photos like this around to remind me how good life really is.


One comment on “Watermelon”

  1. love the dirt in his fingernails!!

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