Bagel Day

By: Jconnphoto

Dec 14 2010

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Photo blog day 123, December 14, 2010

Every month on the first business day of the month I pop out of bed with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.  Well, maybe pop isn’t the right word.  But usually at some point during the morning routine I remember that it’s “Bagel Day” at work and exclaim to my husband “It’s BAGEL DAY!!”.  The company I work for has ordered bagels in on the first business day of the month probably for the entire 15 years they have been in business.  About three years ago we noticed the bagels were a little different and found out someone had bought the shop and re-named it from Manhattan Bagel to Benson’s Bagels(click here for facebook link).  Every once in a while I stop by the shop and say hi to the owner and thank him for bringing the delicious bagels to our company each month.  He laughs and jokes how he thinks it is great that we look forward to bagel day with the same fervor every month now as at the beginning.  He says that type thing usually wears off after a while but not for me and my co-workers!  What can I say, it’s the simple things right?!

Today we stopped by on our way out to finish our Christmas shopping.  We recently decided to give up on paper maps and finally take the jump to a GPS.  Our GPS still listed the bagel shop as it’s previous name.  I mentioned this to the owner and he said he is aware that the name is incorrect.  As we waited for our bacon, egg and cheese on cheddar bagels my husband said “why don’t you feature Benson’s Bagels as your blog post today?”  DER!!!  Of course, how perfect.  I asked the owner to pose and he politely declined but after some discussion agreed to a photo if it was just of his shirt or the bagels.  I took the photo and as we discussed the blog the conversation turned to how he came to be a bagel shop owner.  He told me that about three years ago they bought the shop and his wife ran the business while he continued to work as a mortgage broker.  Only very recenlty did he decide to make the jump to working full-time in the shop.   I asked how they named the shop and he said that Benson was the name of the previous owner’s bulldog and he decided to keep the name when he took over. 

So far I have to say things seem to be going well.  The bagels are delicious and the prices are extremely reasonable.  If you are ever in Springfield and need a bagel, wrap, or sandwich stop by Benson’s and say hi for me!


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