Black Sneakers

By: Jconnphoto

Dec 09 2010

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Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 117, December 8, 2010

It appears as though I have dropped the ball and missed a post!  I don’t know how it happened, my only excuse is that I have my first cold of the season and may have taken a little too much Nyquil!  But don’t fret, I am coming at you with new images!


I spent some more time walking around Springfield and as I walked up the steps to the City Library I passed these black sneakers and stopped to examine them.  A man had just exited the building and was lighting up a cigarette eyeing me with disdain.  I asked if they were his in an effort to clarify that I had nothing to do with them.  He shook his head and shrugged.  I guess to him it was no big deal to see a pair of sneakers on the steps.  I saw that a scratch ticket was tucked under the toe of one shoe and I looked over at the Marlboro Man and asked if this was a trick.  You know, like when someone ties fishing line to  $20 bill and tosses it in the street to see how many people try to catch it as the prankster pulls it away.  I got another shake of the man’s head and a bigger shrug.  I pondered the shoes for a moment and just as I decided to pass them by I changed my mind.  There were too many scenarios of why these shoes were there.  Whose were they?  They are pretty tattered, why did someone who clearly wore those shoes down just leave them there instead of putting them in the trash can?  What is the deal with the scratch ticket?  Was it a winner?  I stooped and pulled the ticket out from under the shoe.  Nope, no luck today.  Or maybe this scratch ticket had a companion that WAS a winner?  Maybe the now shoe-less owner had bought two tickets and the 2nd was a winner which made him so excited he spontaneously combusted?  Or maybe he was so excited that he won he decided he would go straight to the store and buy a new pair of shoes?  Whatever the story the shoes intrigued me.  As the line in Forest Gump goes “my momma says you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes.”


2 comments on “Black Sneakers”

  1. Good story! and remember walking around in Charleston together when I was the cause of such a prank from some construction works…lol

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