Manhattan Skyline

By: Jconnphoto

Dec 08 2010

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Category: Architecture, Night, Urban


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:2 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 116, December 7, 2010


Part 2

The sounds of the city drifted past as we pushed through the perimeter of the city as the sunset in front of us.  We were heading across the river to get the much desired low-light/night shots of the Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.  We had been in the city since 8:30 and still our energy level was quite high.  Everywhere I turned I saw something worth taking a picture of from street signs to street vendors, reflections of buildings in other buildings.  Shots from the center of the street down the “canyons” that the buildings form.  I think I had trigger finger in one of the most literal meanings of the word.  We wound up in neighborhood with a stunning view of the Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.  In fact, we were at the Riverside Cafe where I am told in the show Seinfeld Jerry and George go for Thanksgiving dinner and smoke cigars.  My camera battery, exhausted from so many hours in the cold and so many shots taken decided it would defy me and flash red.  Like a toddler who throws himself on the floor in a temper tantrum my battery let me know it was finished, kaput, no.habla.inglas.  I popped the battery out and warmed it in my hands.  Promising a pop if he was good, begging, pleading for just a few more shots.  You see, I loves me my night pictures!  I couldn’t let a little tired battery prevent me from getting those shots!  I put the battery back in and it must have resigned to my pleas because it registered as 1/4 charged.  I took a handful more shots before he finally called it quits but I was satisfied.  As we said after a meal when I lived in Germany “yetz, bin ich sat”.


4 comments on “Manhattan Skyline”

  1. LOVE the light on the water and in the sky. Wow! Just a really beautiful shot…

  2. Gorgeous pic! I’ll have to try that hand warming trick on my battery next time lol..

  3. Hi Jess:

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year’s Eve! I really like this shot that you got of the bridges. Nothing glaring in the foreground, and not overexposed. I had a couple I liked, but for the most part, I probably shot a liitle too slow. if it wasn’t so cold and I was not worried about getting a parking ticket, I might have slowed down a bit more and figured that out. But I learned a bit for the next night time opportunity.


    • Oh boy did I have a great time! Next time I’ll wait at the car so you can get your shot! If I didn’t say it that day (I’m pretty sure I did but just in case!) thank you again for taking us and being a fantastic guide! And the soundtrack was perfect:)

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