Grand Central Station

By: Jconnphoto

Dec 06 2010

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Category: Architecture, Transportation, Urban


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 114, December 5, 2010


Part One.

My breath crystallized in front of me as I stepped out the door at 5 AM.  My car, already warmed sat waiting, packed with gear and welcomed me into it’s cozy arms. As I made my way through the dark streets to the meeting spot my group had picked I considered how the world is so different this early in the morning.  It is the same darkness as 11 PM yet it feels so much more quiet, peaceful.  I got to the meeting spot only a few minutes behind schedule to learn that I wasn’t the only straggler.  Soon, our crew was complete and we divvied up into carpool groups.  We made our way into the city via the Merrick Parkway and as we crossed over the Henry Hudson Bridge our driver put on his custom NYC soundtrack.  Songs by Garfunkle and Colin Hays filled our ears.  The chosen songs were perfect for the trip and as I sat back and watched the Hudson River pass by it was easy to imagine we were in the opening credits of a movie. I spoke this aloud and received a few chuckles.  I could picture the shot from above starting close on the car and widening out to get the “story” shot.  We were on our way.  To the City That Never Sleeps to battle through the tide of people and see if we could flex our creativity.  One of our first stops was Grand Central Station.  I have never been inside this building and was thrilled when I was greeted with all the details I expected.  I took some shots of those details but darned if I couldn’t pass up the standard shot from the steps.  One of my number one favorite things to do is people watch.  I could literally sit someplace like this for an entire day watching stories unfold in front of me.  As we still had more of the city to cover I hustled along with the rest of the people coming in and out of Grand Central and we made our way back out into the city.


2 comments on “Grand Central Station”

  1. love it!

  2. A perfectly composed shot – love the symmetry. Just a great photo!

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