By: Jconnphoto

Nov 28 2010

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Category: Animals, Nature

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Focal Length:92mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day 107, November 28, 2010

This image was taken this summer on an outing with my photo club at Sky Meadows, a property owned by local artist, Les Campbell. 

I used to have a thing for dragonflies.  But since I moved out to the country I have developed a fondness for hummingbirds.  My mother in-law always kept a feeder out for them and taught me how to make the nectar just how they like it.  It’s fun sitting out on the deck in the sunshine listening for them to swing by.  This year my clotheline was right next to their feeder and they often would come by for a drink while I was out hanging clothes.  When I had an opportunity to go to Les’s property in Belchertown (acres and acres of untouched land next to Quabbin Reservoir) I was excited as I knew he had a way with hummingbirds.  This is what a lot of patience and expertise from someone like Les will get you.  A fantastic shot of a Ruby Throated hummingbird.  I got several shots of them including one of a female which I love for her form.  The female image is printed and up on my wall at home, but I think the male deserves a little Hollla!  too.


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