Golden Gate Bridge

By: Jconnphoto

Nov 19 2010

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Focal Length:36mm
Shutter:15 sec

Photo blog day ninety-seven, November 19, 2010

Where did today go?  I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find it.  I checked under the bed, in the car, in the closets and today is no where to be found!  I’m starting to get a little scared.  When you literally can’t find a day what does that mean?  Ok, I know where today went.  It went out the window.  It went in the car to do errands, it cleaned the house and baked cupcakes for my son’s birthday party tomorrow.  Today did laundry, frosted and decorated those cakes, participated in an online workshop about photographing children, today even made the bed.  Today flew by at light speed.  That is my excuse for not taking out my camera.  I know.. cheap excuses but it is what it is. 

So instead of beating myself up about it I decided to post one of my top 10 favorite photos.  I took this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge while in San Francisco on a trip back in March of 2008.  My son was 16 months old and my husband had gone to Silicon Valley for three weeks of intensive training for his new role.  I met him there during the middle week and got a mini-family vacation out of it.  I am really proud of this photo.  I had just gotten my first DSLR (Canon Rebel XT) about 2 months prior.  I was really interested to see if Icould take some night pictures.  I read the manual about night exposures and I got this shot.  I was THRILLED, to say the least.  I would take this photo slightly different now but my current knowledge doesn’t make me any less proud.  This photo was the very first photo I ever used in competition in my photo club and I think I got an honorable mention for it.  I may have earned an award but I can’t remember.  All I remember was the collective, ahhh.. that went through the group when my photo was put up for the judges.  Every time I get frustrated with my work or my lack of photographic skills I look at this picture and remember what I was able to do before I knew what I know now.


2 comments on “Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. This is one of my favorite photos that you’ve posted! It really is a breathtaking shot. My husband gave me a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi six months ago and seeing this gorgeous picture has made me decide to study my manual! I’m afraid I’ve been guilty of using my camera as a rather pricey point and shoot.

  2. oh yes, def a favorite!

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