Veteran’s Day

By: Jconnphoto

Nov 11 2010

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Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day ninety, November 11, 2010

I stepped out to Court Square in Springfield, MA today for the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. In the past I have usually watched the parade from my office window, detached from the celebration.  I don’t know why.  Today I decided to step outside and watch the parade.  I quickly realized why I don’t usually go out for these types of celebration.  It’s because I’m a baby.  Hyper-emotional to be specific.  As soon as I saw the small crowd expressing their genuine thanks to our veterans and the pride I saw in peoples faces I started to cry.  I saw this woman sitting front and center to watch the parade.  She had been there for a little while, arriving early to make sure she got a good view.  Her companion stood next to her and each officer who walked by took her by the hand and said two simple words that mean so much “Thank you”.  It was so silly, to cry like that for no reason.  But it happened and I’m accepting it.  I’m really not sure why this happens but when I feel people are being sincere and genuine I get choked up.  It may sound cliche but I really am proud to be an American.  To live in a country where I can freely pursue a dream and live everyday knowing I am not controlled by anyone but myself (well, of course there are laws but you get the point).  Both my grandfathers are veterans of WWII.  My brother and cousin are veterans of the Iraq War.  My father in-law is a Chief Warrant officer retired after 30 years of dedicated service in the Coast Guard.  For their service I am grateful.  Thank you Grandpa Booth and Burns, Jared, Jesse, and Jimbo.  You and our fellow military personnell make our country a better place.


3 comments on “Veteran’s Day”

  1. Your comments summed up exactly how I feel about our country and the people in the military who have served us so wonderfully well. Yep, I’m the person who gets a lump in the throat and tears in the eyes when I hear a great performance of The Star-Spangled Banner, see the fly-over before the Super Bowl, see touching moments at a parade, as you saw today. Thanks for a lovely, emotional post about a very special day. And the photo was just perfect…

  2. Ditto….love it!

  3. This photo is amazing, I got goosebumps as soon as I looked at it. You can just feel the dedication he has to our country.

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