By: Jconnphoto

Nov 08 2010

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Category: Nature, Random

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Focal Length:90mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day eighty-seven, November 8, 2010

A terrible thing happened this morning.  So terrible I felt unsettled all day.  What happened you ask??  I. Forgot. My Camera.  At home.  On the kitchen table, all by itself.  It was terrible.  Like I had left for work and forgot to shut off the iron, or the coffee pot, or left a light on.  That feeling like you know that everything is fine but you still worry that it’s not.  It would be silly for me to worry about my camera like it was a live object, wouldn’t it?  The truth is I was just worried about my blog picture.  Well, maybe I was a little worried about the camera, it was pretty windy here today and I suppose there was a slight chance the wind could shake the house and the camera could fall off the table.  Ok, enough crazy talk before someone calls the straight jacket in!

So right before I left work today we saw a rainbow.  A complete one and a partial one so technically two rainbows.  I told my boss that I love rainbows and I suspect my infatuation for them is because rainbows are so fleeting.  Like a highschool crush they dazzle you with their beauty and then leave in an instant.  I recalled a short article in a recent Parent’s Magazine that claimed you could make a “water” rainbow using dissovled skittles.  Because I was so bummed about leaving my baby, I mean, my camera at home today I wanted to brighten my evening with my very own rainbow in a bottle.  My son, who is going to be four next week, helped me out by eating most of the skittles before I could dissolve them.  Obviously by the picture above you can see that the experiment was flop.  I was left with a sugary drink that resembled something you might put in a blender with wheat grass and who knows what else.

After this disappointment I decided to give myself a break and just post a photo I like.  Just because.  This photo was taken earlier this summer down at the brook across the street from our house.  My husband had recently bought an ATV and was encouraging me to take it out on my own.  After crashing my brothers dirtbike having ridden it for less than two seconds when I was 17 I am VERY hesitant to trust myself on a machine such as the quad we have.  In my defense my brother’s best friend told me to “rev the gas and let go of the clutch”, great advice that I will never listen to again.  So after a little cajoling and some very serious saftey instructions my husband sent me down to the brook where we had seen these mushrooms earlier.  I arrived safe and sound, and even a little exhilerated, and got up close and personal with some mushrooms I have never seen before.  The interesting things you find in the woods!   These mushrooms were about 2″-3″ tall and were spread out over a small area near the brook.  They were gone a week later so I’m happy that I got a few shots of them while I had the chance!


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