By: Jconnphoto

Oct 31 2010

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Category: Night, Random, Season


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:30 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day seventy-nine, October 31, 2010

Ok so since it’s halloween my mother and I decided we would get into the mood of the holiday by visiting the oldest cemetery in town.  Some of the markers date back to the 1700’s when the town was first inhabited by settlers.  There was a historic tour of this cemetery a couple of weeks ago and we missed it.  So we set out on our own tour.  We arrived after dinner while it was still light and in the excitement of looking at the markers and coming up with stories about the people we hadn’t realized the sun had gone down.  We went and sat the in the car and continued to discuss the town, our future in it, and how neat it is to live someplace with so much history.  As we started the car to get ready to  leave I looked over to my right out the passenger window and saw something strange.  I quickly got out and grabbed my camera.  Now by this point it was nearly pitch black in the cemetery with the only light coming from a porch light of a neighboring house.  Because I didn’t trust my vision I decided to just set the camera to a 30 second exposure to see if it would record something my eyes couldn’t see.  I got home and excitedly loaded the images and saw this Ghost!!!  I couldn’t believe it, we had actually encountered a ghost!!  I had heard stories of hauntings in the cemetery and always chalked them up to urban legend.  I checked around with some people and it turns out this ghost is that of a young lady in her mid-20’s who roams the cemetery searching for her lover who left to fight in the Civil War and never returned and was never reported deceased.  It is said that she is a sweet girl and only cries on her lovers birthday, the day he left and promised her he would return.  If you have a weak stomach do not read any further.

Ok, this isn’t really grotesque but it’s the truth.  The ghost you see above is me.  But the story was fun nonetheless!!!


2 comments on “Ghost”


  2. Jess,you are amazing! these pictures are great! I will keep looking I just wanted you to know I signed up and looked!

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