By: Jconnphoto

Oct 03 2010

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Category: Night


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:5 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day fifty one, October 3, 2010

I had a chance to photograph a beautiful couple for their engagement pictures today.  The bride is my best friend’s little sister and I am thrilled that they have asked me to be their wedding photographer.  After a few date changes we finally got together today at the water tower in South Hadley, MA.  Alison and Jeff were ready to get into some fun photos and let me flex pretty much all of my creative muscles today.  All the ideas I’ve had milling around in my head were finally put out there.  After we got the portraits out of the way it was time to have some fun as the skies darkened and show their Love.  We lit some sparklers and were able to “write” in the air to achieve this image.  I absolutely love night and low light photography and this is why.  You can get so creative with your images, something that is more difficult to do during the day.  Thank you Alison and Jeff for being my guinea pigs!  I promise I’ll be done practicing by the time your wedding comes around:)


5 comments on “Love”

  1. What a fun photo! But I totally don’t understand how you wrote in the air with the sparklers. Could you tell me how you did that?!

  2. The house picture was taken around 11 PM before they closed the roads for the next part of the move.
    The “Love” picture was fun. I had the couple sit in the foreground and I set a 5 second shutter and advised the couple to sit as still as possible (they were pretty giggly). We lit a sparkler and I had a friend walk behind them and write the word while the shutter remained open. When you take a long exposure like that the camera just absorbs all the light there is around so it’s important to do this type of thing when it’s pretty dark and you don’t have any other ambient light around like from headlights or houselights.

  3. I LOVE the love!!!! I’m soooo glad it worked out and I’m spookily in the background 🙂

  4. Very Cool and congrats to Alison and Jeff.

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