Mayor Domenic Sarno

By: Jconnphoto

Sep 16 2010

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Focal Length:135mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day thirty four, September 16, 2010

So I’m breaking out of my norm today and posting a photo of a person.  I’m sure I’ll post more in the future.  Here’s the back story:  I’ve mentioned in past posts that the City of Springfield, MA is trying to pick itself up by it’s bootstraps and restore the city to the class and grandeur it once experienced.  The past year or so has seen huge projects take place, the State Street Corridor, a new Federal Building, the River Walk, new crosswalks painted in the Main Street downtown district, and today, a small park was reopened after being closed for as long as I can remember.  This small park is called Pynchon Park and it is just behind the MassMutual Center at the intersection of Dwight St. and Falcon’s Way.  In my youth I recall the park being a sketchy pass thru from Dwight to Chestnut Streets.  It had a set of stairs and an elevator, although the elevator was used more for a residence/lavatory then an actual lift.  I think the park closed about 20 years ago.  A few months ago I spied some work being performed at this small park and wondered what was going on.  And I really mean small, this isn’t the place you bring your dog for a walk or plan to picnic, in fact, I don’t think there’s even any grass.   I found out that they plan to reopen the park and today was the day. The Mayor and many of his staff, along with representatives from the Parks & Rec dept and MassMutual stepped out the see the Mayor make a speech about the revitalization of Springfield.  This image is of Mayor Domenic Sarno when he finally cracked a real smile.  The smile was provoked by a speaker before him intimating that the City of Springfield may be the new home of a certain professional baseball team (I’m guessing farm team) whose MLB team name ends in Sox… Now, just because we are in Springfield don’t assume he meant those feisty neighbors of ours out in Eastern MA.  In any event I had a great time playing “press” photographer (everyone assumed I was from some sort of publication but since the speech was open to the public there was no need to even pretend this).  Mr. Sarno shook my hand and thanked me for coming, he turned to walk away and then turned back to tell me I have a great handshake.  As compliments go it’s probably not one I’ve heard before but I’ll take it!


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