Misty Mornings

By: Jconnphoto

Sep 14 2010

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Category: Nature


Focal Length:17mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day thirty two, September 14, 2010

September is one of my favorite months. Sure, it marks the end of summer which means no more flip-flops or bikini’s, but it is one of those few months during the year when you get warm days and cool nights which is the recipe required for Misty Mornings.  This image is proof of my commitment to this blog.  Went to bed pretty late last night and at some point during the night I rolled over and pulled a tendon or muscle in my back. My kids woke up early as usual (6:20 a.m.) and I came out into the living room with the intention of turning on the boob tube for my 3 year old (oh c’mon… you know you do it too, just to get an extra 5 minutes of precious sleep).  I found that I couldn’t turn my head to the right and felt quite a bit of pain.  Dreary eyed and whining about my back I started to make my way back to bed when I got a glimpse out the window.  The field across my street was so beautiful with the mist rising and the sun starting to shine through the trees.  Picture me taking 2 steps back to bed, then back to the window, then back towards bed…. I see-sawed like this for about a minute and finally said, I have to get out there.  I grabbed my camera and put on my wellies and headed out.  I spent about 10 minutes outside looking for different spots to exploit the light.  I came back in and my husband told me how surprised he was that I went out because he knows I am not a morning person.  For me to even manage to function a camera before I had a sip of coffee is a huge accomplishment.   This will be one of the rare early morning shots for me.


3 comments on “Misty Mornings”

  1. You sure did travel a bit to get this shot … very cool. Actually took me a minute to figure out where it was. Keep up the good work.

  2. You certainly had to travel a bit to get this shot, actually took me a minute to figure out where it was from the angle. Great Shot.

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