By: Jconnphoto

Sep 13 2010

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Category: Food


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 40D

Photo blog day thirty one, September 13, 2010

Boy oh boy did I challenge myself tonight.  Had my camera with me all day today and not one thing jumped out at me and said “I’m your blog picture today!” which is usually what happens to me.  I’m not sure if it was the gloomy weather but I wasn’t feeling anything.  At lunchtime I made my way over to the Sheraton in Springfield, MA to check out the trade show for the PPANE convention that took place this weekend and was ending today.  That only made me sad that I can’t afford all kinds of new gear and gadgets.  So tonight I was walking around looking for inspiration and didn’t find much.  I decided to challenge myself to a little “studio” work.  Much to the dismay of my husband, who I always enlist for help (whether he agrees or not).  I wanted to get some Milk droplets similar to images I have seen before.  And no, this is not copying.  Someone told me once that one of the best way to learn photography is to re-create images you like and do it your own way.  To get this shot I set up a glass of milk on the white side of my 5-in-1 reflector.  I took the core out so it would be flexible,  I was hoping it would give the effect of a seamless backdrop.  I used a piece of tin foil on one side of a full glass of milk as a reflector and used my external flash on the other side, triggered by an adapter.  I also used a radio shutter release so I wouldn’t shake or move the camera if I pressed the normal shutter button.  I filled a sandwich bag with milk and poked a hole with a pin so only 1 drop at a time would come out.  After MUCH trial and error with lighting, level of the drop, size of the drop, and focal point, location of the flash, etc. I wound up with a handful of images with Milk droplets.  They didn’t have quite the impact I had hoped for but I’m still happy with the results.  Yet again this is a project I have always thought might be neat to do but never had a reason until I started the blog.  This also goes to show that you don’t need tons of fancy equipment (though it certainly can come in handy if you have it!) to get a neat image.  Happy shooting!


2 comments on “Milk”

  1. Wonderful ! This is a great story.Thank you for your sharing.

  2. Very Cool Photo ….

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